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ShirePay Merchant Services

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ShirePay is a UK based cryptocurrency solution provider offering Bitcoin payment merchant services to webmasters worldwide

You (and only you) hold the private keys at all times maintaining total control over any received Bitcoin!


ShireCart is a real world example to fully demonstrate the complete ordering and payment process

Merchant Area

Webmasters can log into the merchant area to view their sales report, on-line Bitcoin wallet and tools

Why ShirePay?

  • Unlimited Income Potential

    Take a piece of the billions of pounds exchanged everyday by adding Bitcoin to your payment options

  • Total Peace of Mind

    ShirePay operate within the UK, under UK law governed by the English courts

  • Complete Safety of Funds

    ShirePay use the same high level of encryption as the military use to secure transactions.

  • Low fees

    On average, our clients only pay 3.25% overall on fees with the lowest being 0.97%. These fees contribute towards the maintaining and updating of the secure infrastructure.

  • No Release Threshold

    You (and only you) hold the private keys. Therefore, you can spend your received Bitcoin immediately.

  • 15 Minute Set up

    It’s simple to implement the payment window within any platform including WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart or any other HTML5 application.

  • Custom Payment Window

    Design the payment window the way you want it! Only the Bitcoin address is required for payment.

  • Growing Online Community

    Instant help from the growing number of genuine members within our ShirePay forums

Payment Table

ShirePay offers a ‘pay as you go’ and ‘subscription based’ payment model. Email support is included within all packages. There is no minimum release threshold fee because only you hold the private keys with immediate access to all your Bitcoin. Our customer support team will try and respond to all requests ASAP with the response time shown as a guideline only. You are also free to change package without consequence at any time.

Nonprofits have 0% fees and offered additional technical support through Skype for fundraising campaigns. The turnover for nonprofits is unlimited.

Per Month Subscription

  • £ 0
  • Fees
  • Turnover Inc.
  • Response Time
  • £ Threshold
  • Funds Released
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • £ 495
  • 0.97%
  • £100,000 PM
  • Immediate
  • £0
  • Immediate
  • Yes
  • Yes

How Things Work

ShirePay gives your customers the option to pay securely with Bitcoin on your website