How To Setup Your Electrum Software Wallet From BIP39 Mnemonic

1. Recover 24 Seed Phrase or Generate New 24 Words within Ian Coleman’s BIP39 Page

2. Open Electrum and select ‘Standard wallet’ and click ‘Next’

3. Select ‘I already have a seed’ and click ‘Next’

4. Paste stored seed phrase from Step 1. Then click the ‘Options’ button

5. Select ‘BIP39 seed’, click ‘OK’ and then click ‘Next’

6. Select ‘p2sh-segwit’ and then click ‘Next’

7. Enter a password (optional) and then click ‘Next’

8. Click the ‘Addresses’ tab within Electrum and check the 1st address matches Ian Coleman’s first address within the BIP49 tab

9. If both addresses match, then your good to go!